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Take your communication with customers to the next level using chatbots

Automate communication 24/7, use a smart AI sales assistant, automatically assign tags to your clients based on your conversations and more, all within the CRM platform
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7 days free access, no credit cards or obligations
👍 It will help training your employees to successfully close deals

A smart AI sales assistant based on ChatGPT

It assists in generating responses for client dialogs when your sales manager has trouble finding the right words.

Here's how it works: When an employee sees the risk of losing a customer, they can input a designated activation command for the AI assistant. This assistant will then provide a prepared response to help resolve the situation.
👍 It will assist in maintaining control over your leads and clients

Smart tags assignment for customers

It enables the assignment of tags to clients, enhancing your customer service management.

Here's how it works: After a conversation concludes, the bot assesses the dialogue and allocates a predetermined tag to the client. If the client reopens the dialogue, the bot re-evaluates the conversation upon closure and updates the tag accordingly.
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“ has helped us with our clients’ follow-up through effective information management. The ability to provide quick answers using fast 🚀 responses and to identify customers and their needs promptly has helped our clients place their trust 🤝 in us.”
Giovanni Mandracchia
Corporate Financial Consultant
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👍 It will display the customer service level or sales quality

Up-to-date conversation summary

It helps controlling how your sales agents interact with leads and how your support team provides assistance to clients
"The deal-breaker that made me go with was its mobile app. Now, I don't need to be in the office or at my PC 👍 100% of the time. I can stay at home and still see the messages I receive from one or another promotional campaign launched on Facebook or Instagram. That's how I can measure their results. To tell the truth, the mobile app ⭐ of is the shiny star of the product."
Johnny Sikaffy
Gerente general de especialistas en impresión de textiles personalizados, Telas Creativas
"Before, the number of messages we had was so big that we couldn't answer them all within the same day. With, we have automated communication with our clients using 🤖 chatbots. That has allowed us to optimize the response time for our clients and professionals who want to work with us."
Jhon Edwin Caicedo
Financial and Administrative Team of a Beauty Services App, MIMO
a client

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With you’ll be able to:

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7 days free access, no credit cards or obligations

Make omnichannel sales

Operate simultaneously across various channels: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Live Chat on your website, and more

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Automatically distribute chats and orders

Use adaptable distribution parameters to monitor your employees' real-time performance

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Enhance your website's conversion rate

Display engaging messages on specific website pages to leads assigned with relevant UTM tags, and more, using Live Chat powered by

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Collect leads day and night allows you to stay in touch 24/7, whether using a chatbot or a contact form in Live Chat

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2+ hours
a day 😱 can spend an employee answering frequently asked questions
6 out of 10
clients 😱 forget about their conversations by the end of the day

Focus on your client, not on routines

A ready-to-use preset called “Frequently Asked Questions” will save your employees extra time to focus on more important tasks

Remind your lead about yourself before your WhatsApp conversation is closed

A ready-to-use preset called “Reminder of the dialog for the client” will be sent 1 hour before your 24-hour conversation session expires. This will help you to reach out to your lead one more time
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for free
2+ horas
diarias 😱 puede gastar un empleado para responder a las preguntas más frecuentes

Enfócate en tu cliente, no en la rutina

Muestra diferentes mensajes involucrados en las páginas concretas de tu sitio web a los leads con etiquetas UTM específicas y más, con Live Chat de
6 de 10
clientes 😱 se olvidan de la
conversación al final del día

Recuérdale tu negocio a tu lead antes de que se cierre la conversación en WhatsApp

Un algoritmo listo para usar, “Recordarle al cliente de una conversación pendiente”, que se activará 1 hora antes de que caduque tu conversación de 24 horas, te ayudará a contactar una vez más con tu lead
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Easy to configure and code-free
User-friendly analytics filtered by channels or employees
VIP support is available as a paid option
Custom chatbots can be developed upon request

Combine chatbots with WhatsApp Marketing

Using the data obtained through the bot scoring and more, start segmenting your customer base, warm up your leads and return your clients, notify about sales, and more, using official API without any risk of being blocked

Learn more about WhatsApp Marketing →

Discover the CRM Platform

Learn more about our CRM for sales or our unified Inbox
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7 days free access, no credit cards or obligations
", as a CRM, allowed us to make better 👍  decisions. We were able to re-think our strategy, define costs, determine niches that we could use".
Junior Miguel
General Manager of AIRU
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Find inspiration in our clients' success stories costs less than losing a customer

3 users, one WhatsApp number, Facebook and Instagram, chatbots
+ Advanced analytics for chats and orders
+ WhatsApp newsletters and Email Marketing
+ CRM and sales funnel
+ Flexible segmentation of clients
+ ChatGPT to control your customer support
+ Ready-to-use modules to connect Shopify, PayPal, WooCommerce, etc.

USD per month
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