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One reliable Inbox to communicate with your clients using their preferred channels

A multi-agent platform unifies your communication channels and allows you to have complete control over your business
7 days free access, no credit cards or obligations

Easy Connection. Stable Performance

Unify 👍 WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram with just a few clicks
Obtain stable 🔒 connection without disruptions
Fuel your customers’ confidence 🥰 providing an individual approach to any of them
Reduce your same-type tasks 💬  to simple automations
1. Register for a free account

No additional obligations and in less than 💡 1 minute. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay
2. The platform will offer you to connect your messengers and social media with an option to download your communication history

💡 There are 2 options for WhatsApp: using QR or official API
3. Start selling and providing customer service

In case you need help with the platform – we’re here
7 days free access, no credit cards or obligations

All Your Attention to the Customer Rather Than Routine Tasks

Don’t miss a message
The platform receives and saves all the communications. It also shows if a client didn’t get an answer and how long he’s been waiting for it
Use sales funnels
Tag everything that requires your attention
Do more with less effort
In a single Inbox each employee can respond much faster and always on time, without switching between tabs
Personalize your communication
Have your clients’ info in mind to offer them what they need

Here to help you

An integrated CRM with automatic lead saving
Assignment of responsible agents and task creation
Automated reply messages so that your client wouldn’t be worried 🤯 while waiting
Configurable directory with quick answers 💬
Communication history with every 👩🏻👨🏽👱🏽 client and much more
Since we’ve started using, the no-show rate of our patients reduced to 0; We also minimized the time required to process manually the dialogs with our clients from 3 hours to 20 minutes per day, and we reduced the use of paper by 100 times. All of that, saving 300% of costs comparing to our previous solution.
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Analytics and Control over Agents and Conversations

Make management decisions based on data
Control how each of your agents talk to clients
Evaluate your agent’s performance, their speed of response and more

It Has Everything You Need

Make your clients happier, and your work easier. Look what other functions has this multi-agent platform
Communicate with your clients in a mobile app
💬 Compatible with all core functions
🔔 Sends push-notifications
🎙 Compatible with audio messages and more

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Our Clients Love Us

Positive reviews
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"Today...This is the best CRM in Latin America".
Alejandro N., read the review →
If I take away from my employees, they will throw me off the balcony.
Laura Tarrés
Cofounder of Doqua, the online school