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Keep in touch with your clients and process your leads in Mobile CRM

One multi-agent application with WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram chats, client base, push notifications, and tasks.

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7 days free access,
no credit cards or obligations
"Today...This is the best CRM in Latin America".

Take control of your business by unifying your WhatsApp accounts and access of your employees

Are your sales agents communicating with your clients using their personal smartphones?
Are your clients forever "attached" to you managers?
Would you rather not to lose all of the contacts you’ve been gathering for such a long time?
With this application you will be able to unify all of your sales agents and WhatsApp numbers in the same window. Or you’ll be able to work using just one number and notify your clients about it
Your client base will be yours and only yours
You will be able to monitor how your employees are communicating, and fix it immediately if you see wrong or delayed response
"We’ve seen a lot of companies, among them were Zenvia Conversion (ex Sirena), Zendesk, Kommo (ex AmoCRM). I’ve tested all the trial versions but in the end I opted for From the very beginning, its interface and functionality that it offers have stuck in my mind".
👍 From 3 hours to 20 minutes per day they reduced the time needed to process the dialogs
Try for free
7 days free access, no credit cards or obligations

Save your clients into one database, call from the app, identify incoming call numbers and more

Identify which of your clients is calling you and call them back right from the app
Add your clients from WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram automatically to your client base
Listen and send audio messages
Send images or videos
Provide full service for your clients: receive orders, make invoices, pass for delivery, etc.

End every conversation with a task

Do you need to remind your client about a payment? Do you have a pending question with him? Has your lead gone to think about your proposal?

🎉 Thanks to these tasks you will not forget to make the next move and will be able to close the deal!
", as a CRM, allowed us to make better decisions. We were able to re-think our strategy, define costs, determine niches that we could use".
they multiplied the conversion of messages 🔥 into sales

Receive push notifications and alerts

For example, if a dialog is assigned to a manager, he will see all the notifications related to that dialog. Notifications can be configured  👍

🌴 Don’t tie yourself to your working place

Stay online whenever you are and provide best client service 24/7

It has everything you need and more

Make your clients happier, and your work easier. Look what other functions has this multi-agent platform
Use one reliable Inbox to communicate with your clients via their preferred channels
Launch chatbots costs less than losing a customer

3 users, one WhatsApp number, Facebook and Instagram, chatbots
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+ Advanced analytics for chats and orders
+ WhatsApp newsletters and Email Marketing
+ CRM and sales funnel
+ ChatGPT to control your customer support
+ Ready-to-use modules to connect Shopify, PayPal, WooCommerce, etc.
+ Flexible segmentation of clients
3 users, one WhatsApp number, Facebook and Instagram, chatbots, core analytics for chats
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