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Every day from 9 am to 9 pm we answer questions, help customize the platform, offer solutions, provide training and more

There are many ways to start business, and we can help automate it

We will relieve you of your headache
by providing solutions to business issues
We'll assist both you and your team with training
on how to use the platform effectively
We'll share best practices
so that you can multiply your business results
We'll make the necessary changes
if something is missing while using

4 tariff plans to choose

If you need occasional assistance


With the hourly payment of $25 USD
We get involved in targeted problem solving
We perform the assessment of the required integrations based on the analysis of the customer's workflow
We provide customer training
We assist in designing technical specifications
A good option to start 🚀


Monthly payment $99 USD
2 hours a week individual meetings on Zoom
We perform basic platform setup
We set up internal automations
We improve your business together 💜


Monthly payment $299 USD
15 hours per month of individual meetings on Zoom
We prioritize problem solving
We help rebuild and optimize your workflow
We consult on various integrations
We assist in setting up and launching marketing mailings via the platform
Spend more time on yourself 😉
1 month as a gift 🎁


Monthly payment $999 USD
20 hours per month of individual meetings on Zoom
We undertake:
Selection and configuration of additional tools for process optimization
Full control from project launch to implementation
Regular system analysis “how it was” / “how to do” and preparation of documents with the composition and detailed description of works
Constant recommendations and improvements on the sales funnel, bots, marketing, working with the website, etc.
💡 1 month the tariff is included free of charge from the moment of the first payment for the platform. Check details with our specialist
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I especially admire the work of your employee who serves me, whose name is Rafa. I think I write to him every day, because every day I have something I want to know and every day he answers me, without fail. In the four months that I have been working with you, we have had about 45 meetings with Rafa.
It is a very personalized service, and apart from that, they understand very well what we are looking for and the potential of the business we have.
This is an unbeatable service.
Andrés Azar
CEO of Shapex, a company that sells control garments for women
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Here's what's included in each of the plans

$25 USD
per hour
$99 USD
per month
$299 USD
per month
$999 US
Dper month
25$ USD
por hora
99$ USD
al mes
299$ USD
al mes
999$ USD
al mes
Meetings with the customer and the team
Chat + 2 hours per week on Zoom included
Chat + 15 hours per month on Zoom included
Chat + 20 hours per month on Zoom included
Assistance in improving business processes
Trainings on using the platform
Setting up the required automations within the platform
Setting up Inbox operation
Setting up and editing chat bots
Prioritization of tasks
Assistance in launching marketing mailings: WhatsApp Business, email. Including setting up automatic marketing mechanics.
Consulting customer developers on integrations
Selection and configuration of additional tools to optimize workflows
Regular system analysis of business
Preparation of documents with the composition and detailed description of works
Setting up email
Setting up SMS
Setting up CMS (WooCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop)
Setting up integration with deliveries and payment instruments (those available in the internal marketplace)

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