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Chat with clients in ONE window

Have access
to your messengers
customer chats, all from a single platform

Without Simla.com

All of your
in one

With Simla.com

Send key information
in just one click💥

Save time with 🕙 information about your products
and clients in the same window

That’s exactly what Simla.com gives you: all messages from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or even your website are received on our platform, and are automatically distributed among your sales managers. In addition to communicating with your customers, you can create new orders, edit old ones and more

In just a couple of clicks you can

Create orders directly from the chat window

Send payment links

Send tracking numbers

Have access to the customer's purchase and communication history

Add tags to customers for personalised sales and communications

Say goodbye to constant switching between platforms, apps and websites!

Simla.com helps you to


Increase the conversion of dialogues to sales and maximise profit from those conversations


Reduce response time by not having to switch between devices or programs


Serve your customers more effectively by having their communication history available to several managers simultaneously


Increase operating efficiency: All operators have access to every channel, reducing dependency on one single sales person

Why our customers choose us

Outlet L´bel

We've been using Simla.com for four months now, and we have increased sales five times without hiring new people, and this is because we don't miss any potential prospects and we can better track them regardless of the messenger they are using to contact us.

Simla.com is a user-friendly and user-oriented platform, providing you with

Technical support in your language whenever you need it

Free personalised training

Assessment and advice from our specialists to help you increase profit from the platform

Video tutorials

Get Simla.com today and take your business to the next level!

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