"In work" and "Previous interactions" blocks in the corporate customer card
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To the right of the main information blocks, there are two sections that contain information relating to your interactions with the corporate customer. Please note that the “Email” and “SMS” tabs won’t be displayed if you haven't created a contact person with an email address or phone number in the card.

The “In work” and “Previous interactions” blocks are displayed below the main screen area.

The “In work” block contains the tasks and orders that are currently being processed (with the exception of orders in the “Cancel” and “Completed” status groups).

The “Previous interactions” block contains information about previous interactions between the system and the corporate customer (calls, emails, SMS, orders, tasks, notes and attached files).

These blocks are identical to those that are located in the card of a regular customer, with the exception of the “Visits” block (analytics for visits are not recorded for corporate customers). For more details, see the related articles: "In work" and "Previous interactions".

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