Information about a corporate customer in the order card
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The card of the customer who is the designated contact person of a corporate customer is identical to the card of a regular customer, with the exception of the “Connections” block. The “Connections” block displays the name of the corporate customer and the name of the company which is connected with the customer.

How to create an order from the corporate customer card

An order from a corporate customer is created in the same way as an order from the card of a regular customer.

Important points to note:

  • The “Customer type” field indicates whether the order belongs to a corporate or regular customer.
  • If the “Corporate customer” type is selected, the data of the buyer, the corporate customer and the contact person is filled in. Fields for the company, legal and bank details are also available.
  • When selecting the “Corporate customer” type, you can first select the company or the contact person/customer rather than the corporate customer themself. When selecting the company, the data of the corporate customer is filled in automatically.
  • When a corporate customer is selected in the “Customer” block, just click in the “First name” field to see the list of contact persons for this corporate customer. The same is true vise versa. When a contact person is selected in the “Customer” block, you can select a corporate customer from the list connected with this contact person. This allows you to select the required contact person/corporate customer in one click.
  • This is the same for companies: when clicking in the “Company” field, the system displays a list of companies of the corporate customer, in which you can select the required one.
  • If you are not interested in the variants suggested by the system and you want to create a new contact person or company, just enter the new data. The new contact person or/and company already bound to the corporate customer will be created automatically after saving the order.
  • When entering the data in the “First name” field, the search is carried out on the entire list of customers (as for a regular customer).
  • If you select a customer from the drop-down list who is not connected with the selected corporate customer, the connection will be established automatically after saving the order.
  • If you select a customer who has a connection with any corporate customer, the “First name” field will display the drop-down list with the connected corporate customers.
  • If you select a company in an order and then change any data (for example, details), all changes will also be saved on the page of the corporate customer after saving the order.
  • If you change the data of the selected contact person in an order created for a corporate customer, these changes will or won’t be saved on the corresponding customer card depending on the enabled settings.

Available filters for corporate customers

The list of orders contains filters and columns related to corporate clients:

  • “Customer type” filter in the “Customer” category of filters. In this filter you can select for whom the order has been created. Available options: “Customer” and “Corporate customer”.
  • “Company (name)” filter in the “Contractor” category of filters. In this filter you can enter the name of the company from the order.

Columns can also be displayed in the order list.

How to change the company in an order

The “Customer” and “Legal details” blocks are substituted by default with the data from the main contact and the main company of the corporate page respectively, if the corresponding settings are activated.

To change a company's information, click the pencil icon next to the name. Editable fields will then appear below. Changes will be made to the company profile after saving the order.

How is a discount applied to the order?

The order discount is applied depending on the entity to which the order is bound. If the order is created for a corporate customer, the discount of the corporate customer is applied; if the order is created for a regular customer, the discount from the customer page is applied.

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