Working with the "Customer" widget in the chat window
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During a dialogue with the customer, you can immediately save the customer in the database, specify contact information and create a new order with pre-filled data. The "VIP" and "BAD" marks refer to the customer, not the chat.

If a new customer has started a dialogue, the "Save" button will be displayed next to their login. When you hover over the name, phone number and address (fields that are available to edit from the dialogue) fields, a "pencil" icon will appear. When you click on it, a pop-up field opens where you can enter the necessary information.

If the entered data matches that stored in the customer base, a prompt will be displayed allowing you to bind the dialogue to an existing customer.


To save customers automatically, use the corresponding option in the automatic distribution bot] settings.

  • The chat displays the first customer's phone number from the customer card. If there is more than one number, they are not displayed in the chat.
  • If the address in the customer card is displayed in a structured form (broken down by fields), it cannot be edited in the chat.

If the customer decided to change the data in the correspondence, then it can be entered into the card of a pre-existing customer directly from the dialogue. Selecting a portion of the customer's text and right-clicking it will bring up a dialogue box with different options for selection:

  • set the first name of the customer;
  • set the last name of the customer;
  • set the customer's address;
  • set the customer's phone number;
  • find a product.

If you select one of the first four options, a window will open that will allow you to change the data. If you select the "Find a product" option, a product selection window will open with a highlighted keyword in the search line.

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