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When a new message arrives from a customer, a notification appears showing the message text. The header displays the number of unread dialogues.

In the chats window, you can search both by dialogues and by the correspondence in the dialogue.

Reassigning the dialogue to another manager is carried out using the "rounded arrow" icon. When you click on this, a window opens with a list of managers available for reassignment. Please note that only the administrator and the manager responsible for the dialogue can reassign the chat.

After reassigning a dialogue, the previously responsible manager will not be able to view the history of this dialogue (unless they are a system/chat administrator).

Reassignment also works if the dialogue is closed. In this case, the dialogue will not be opened and it will remain in the "Closed" status.

Additional features in chat

To the right of the reassignment arrow, a three-dot icon is displayed. Clicking on this displays the following options: *Close dialogue* - manually closes the dialogue with the customer. The dialogue will automatically open if a new message arrives from the customer or manager. Mark as unread - sets an unread mark for the dialogue in which the option is applied. The dialogue becomes unread only for the user who marked it so. Block customer - blocks the customer in the system. When a customer is blocked, you cannot send or receive messages from them. A corresponding warning will be displayed in the message typing area. Unpin customer** - unpins the customer from the dialogue. When selected, the system prompts you to confirm the action again. In this case, the link to the chat in the customer's card is deleted, however, the customer remains on the system. When unpinned, the customer's analytics are also removed from the dialogue. *Show attachments (files) - allows you to view all of the attachments that have been sent and received in a dialogue. Images and files are displayed in separate tabs which can be saved to your computer or re-sent to the chat.

In the column on the left, the number of unread messages is displayed along with the customer's name. If the customer wrote from the messenger, the corresponding icon will be displayed, as well as the name of the channel, which is configured when setting up the integration with the messenger.

Interacting with messages

When you place the cursor over a message, three dots will appear to the right. When clicked, a pop-up menu will appear with additional functions for interactaction with the message itself (for example, quoting). Additional features may differ depending on the integrated messenger module.

How to filter the list of dialogues

Above the list of ongoing dialogues, the dialogue filter icon is displayed. When you click on the icon, a window appears with a selection of parameters available to filter and sort dialogues. The first two options allow you to sort dialogues by:

-Processing order - this is the default sorting mechanism, which is linked to "Time limits" in the chat settings. Sorting by processing order places dialogues with a maximum reply time above the dialogues where a reply has already been provided to the customer. If no time limit is specified, sorting by processing order is not available. -Last activity - dialogues are sorted by most recent activity, regardless of whether the last communication was from a manager or from a customer.

The message feed shows which manager communicated with the customer in the selected dialogue, as well as the ability to close, open, and reassign the dialogue to another manager.

If you write a reply to the customer in the chat and do not send it, this reply is saved by the system as a draft. The draft appears in the left pane of the message feed as the last communication with the customer.


A draft won't be saved if you refresh the page (F5 key). Closing the chat window or switching between system sections does will not, however, delete the draft.

Features available in the typing window

In the message typing box, a paper clip icon is displayed, which allows you to send a file or photo to the dialogue. Upon clicking the icon, your computer's file explorer will open, allowing you to select one or more files. You can also send files using the “drag and drop” method, that is, by dragging and dropping files from the explorer directly into the chat interface. The total amount of files to be sent cannot exceed 20 MB. Images sent and received in the dialogue are displayed immediately with a preview.

To the right, the Emoji and quick reply icons are displayed.


Emojis are only available on macOS and Windows 10 operating systems.

After the dialogue is closed, the manager will be able to re-initiate the conversation with the customer. However, if the chat was reassigned to another manager or bot, the previous manager will no longer be able to write in the chat.


The maximum number of characters allowed in each message is 2000.

Message statuses

Delivery status is also displayed for sent messages.

The "watch" icon shows that the message is in the queue to be sent.

one tick shows that the message has been delivered, but has not yet been read.

two ticks indicates that the recipient has read the message.

Red icon with a cross means that the message was not sent to the customer due to an error. The sending error can be either a problem on the side of the integration module, or due to user rights (for example, the dialogue is not currently assigned to you). In the case of Live Chat, the icon with may indicate that the customer has closed the window of the Live Chat or left the site.

Please note that the delivery status for sent messages is only displayed if the integration module has such a function.

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