General chat settings
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You can't start a dialogue with a new customer from within the chat.

The system allows you to integrate with popular online chats and messengers. You can also communicate internally between system users from within the chat section..

How to set up access to chats

To access the chat function, the responsible user group must be granted the neccessary access rights in the user group settings. We recommend creating a separate group of users with access to all chat functions. Users with administrator rights and those who are"Chat administrators" have access to all dialogues in the system.

The "Chat administrator" right grants the manager administrative rights specifically within the scope of the chat functionality.


Do not forget to activate the use of chats in the general system administrative settings. Go to the "Chats" section in the "Administration" of the system and activate the setting.

Available chat settings

The "Display" setting is responsible for displaying chats in the interface. The "As a pop-up window" option is set by default and displays the chat window over the work area. The "As a separate section" option displays the chat window as a separate "Chats" subsection. This setting does not affect the functional component of chats, but only affects the area that they are displayed in.

In this section you can also configure the time for a dialogue to be automatically closed, as well as to which manager wil dialogues be assigned. Automatic closing only works if the dialogue is assigned to a manager. Unassigned dialogs are kept open for a month, after which they are automatically closed.


The distribution setting is used if the system does not have any bot for automatic dialogue distribution enabled.

In the "Privacy Policy" subsection you can configure the automatic sending of a mandatory link to the Privacy Policy. If the option is active, then before starting a dialogue, the customer will receive a message in which the text with a link will be displayed. The dialogue will be only be loaded if the customer agrees to the terms and continues the chat.

This setting only applies to new dialogues. Pre-existing dialogues in the system will not be affected.

In the "Excluded channels" field you can specify the channels to which the request does not apply, meaning that the Privacy Policy acceptacnce message will not be sent.

The message itself looks like this:

Thank you for your feedback.
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