Uploading a catalogue
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This article describes the settings that are required to upload the product catalogue of an online store to the system.


Catalogue uploading is not available in the demo version of the system.

To upload a catalogue, go to the "Catalogue" tab on the store edit page.

For the "Catalogue" parameter, you can select one of two values:

  • upload catalogue from ICML;
  • use a catalogue from another store

If you select "Upload catalogue from ICML", the page will look like this:

Choosing the "Upload from ICML" option means that the catalogue will be uploaded from a file in ICML format. Next, specify the full path to the file where the catalogue is located (for example, http://site.ru/shop/catalog.xml).

For more details about the ICML format, see the related article.


Access to the catalogue file must be unlimited (be opened by direct link without having to enter authorisation access on the server/FTP)

The system uploads the catalogue every 3 hours. To force upload the catalog, activate the "Upload catalog from ICML now" option and save. This task will be added to the execution queue. Catalogue upload times vary from between one minute (for 3000 products) to twenty minutes (for 100,000 products).

When uploading the catalogue, data that had been entered manually will be replaced with that specified in the catalogue.

The system supports catalogues in the YML format (Yandex Market), with restrictions. The catalogue can be uploaded in YML if there are no product-item varities. Otherwise, you need to generate an ICML file (ICML supports the uploading of product-item varities).

If your store uses the 1C-Bitrix CMS platform, then it is not necessary to generate a catalogue file. All you need to do is install the system module from the Bitrix marketplace.

Additional catalogue options

When you activate the "Clear catalog now" checkbox, a task to clear the store catalogue is added to the queue.


The products and categories of the online store that are in the system are deleted. All trade offers are also deleted, except for trade offers associated with existing orders.

If the options “Upload catalogue from ICML now” and “Clear catalog now” are checked simultaneously, nothing will happen. First, clear the catalog, wait for the catalogue to be cleared, and then upload the current catalogue.

Select another store (using the "Store" field) whose catalogue will be used in the store where the option is applied.

Combine catalogues- if the catalogue of the store in which the option is applied and the store used are identical, you can start "re-binding" products in orders to the catalogue selected above. Rebinding will be performed in the background. When the operation is completed, a notification will be displayed. Once the catalogues have been combined, the process cannot be reversed.

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